Pregnancy Specific Personal Training

Contact Tammy PotterUse a specialist personal trainer and do more than “just walk”.

Training while pregnant can be a daunting idea for most women. The desire to exercise is there but this is mixed with an element of fear that they might do something wrong and hurt themselves or put their unborn child at risk.

You may be experiencing pregnancy specific pain and have been advised to exercise by your doctor or physio.

Using a personal trainer specialising in prenatal exercise, you are guaranteed that you and your baby are safe and that you continue through your pregnancy the healthiest, strongest and most structurally stable version of your pregnant self.

As you progress through your pregnancy and your body changes your training adapts to ensure you get the most out of your body and each session. Every pregnancy is different and so ever exercise program is tailored to your personal needs.

With a focus on strengthening areas of weakness and stretching areas of tightness that occur in your body during pregnancy, a strong focus on stabilisation, safe core and awareness of the pelvic floor across all exercises, you can rest assured your body as a complete unit has been considered in each session.