You're currently trying to conceive

Contact Tammy PotterSo you want to have a baby. Whether it’s via the old fashion way, you’re being given a helping hand by modern technology, or maybe you’re just thinking about it, you want to give yourself and your baby the best possible start.

Creating your most healthy body through exercise, nutrition and stress management is a vital part of this puzzle.

Training with Tammy Potter Personal Training prior to conception will help build the strength your body needs to cope with the demands of pregnancy, labour and of course being a Mum.
We want you to be the strongest most structurally stable version of yourself, so expect a focus on the areas of your body we know are going to be effected during pregnancy.

We believe that the mental and emotional aspects of exercise are just as important, if not more as this can be a very stressful time in a woman’s life. Using exercise as a tool to not only help reduce your stress but help increase those happy endorphins, sleep better, and give you more energy. All these things will help create that perfect environment for conception.

Exercise is not the only part of the puzzle we want to help you with. You will receive nutritional education to ensure your diet at it’s healthiest possible. Nutrition and weight tracking is available if weight management is a consideration.