Returning to exercise after having a baby

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Returning to exercise after having a baby is what many women believe will be the easy part of the pregnancy journey.Your body has done the most amazing thing a human body can do in creating another life. It’s gone through many changes at every step of the way.

However, in the process, for many women, their body no longer looks or feels the same as it once did. It doesn’t feel like their own.

When you return to exercise you find you cannot do the things you want, or that you used to be able do. Or even worse you don’t even know where to start.

Your body that has done such an amazing thing but it could potentially be letting you down through pain and injury.You could be facing problems you’ve never experienced before such as abdominal separation, lower back pain, abdominal muscle weakness, pelvic floor disfunction or postural issues.When working with a specialist pre and post natal personal trainer you can be assured that all these areas are thoroughly assessed and considered in your sessions, working alongside specialist physiotherapists where needed.

With a clear path of progression the main focus is having you return to exercise in a safe way to help you become stronger, healthier, leaner and more balanced. Your sessions will be targeting postural issues, addressing areas of weakness and tightness with a focus on rebuilding strength from within. You can expect a strong emphasis on goal setting and progressing you past the initial stages of returning to exercise. Our aim is to educate you in all aspects of training, using correct technique across a broad range of equipment to enable you to walk into any fitness environment with confidence.