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• Don’t exceed 70% of pre pregnancy ability
This includes perceived rate of exertion or heart rate, Weights, Range of motion

• Longer warm up and cool down periods, at least 5 mins each.

• Avoid exercising in hot conditions and ensure your body temperature whilst exercising does not get too high.

• After first trimester avoid lying flat on your back (especially if this feels uncomfortable) as the weight of the baby can obstruct blood flow to the heart via the venous return.

• Don’t stand still for long periods of time as this can lead to blood pooling
(working your legs is good for this as it gets oxygenated blood pumping through your legs)

• Avoid any large aggressive movements that cross your midline

• No rotational movements that collapse the space of the womb.

• Stomach crunches should no longer be part of your exercise routine or exercises that have excessive twisting.

• Ensure you always have water on you and keep hydrated through the day

• Eat a small snack approx 1 hour prior to exercise

• Exercise at least 3-4x/wk

Most of all be aware of your body

If something doesn’t feel right – don’t do it.